I use firefox, love it.

I dont' have a DS. If anyone has one or knows: How do you type stuff on the DS? is there some on screen keyboard? If so or whatever way the DS uses, it might be how they type on the Wii.


found it, on screen keyboard and letter recognizer. The on screen keyboard might be used for the Wii. Not sure about letter organizer because it seems akward because you don't have a hard surface to write on but it seems possible.

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COLDShiver said:
I use firefox, love it.
Try Maxthon for a week and you'll forget Firefox ever existed.

Fortunately, Wii users will have the option to use a keyboard, even though it isn't necessary.

The worst handheld browser so far has to be the PSP's. I still can't get over how horrible the predictive text is.
firefox has tabs to, whats the use for built in email when you can dl an equivelent thing for firefox, and the speed of them is only effected slightly(might take an extra .5 of a second here or there)
NeMeZyZ said:
opera is better than firefox anyday and twice on sundays lol it has tabs, built in emails and download and its FAASSTT

They are basically the same thing.
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its free for PC.

free on wii till june...and no price announce yet afterward
NeMeZyZ said:
lol no ones gfives a damn about marathon or maxthong or w/e its called and besides opera is the only browser for the wii, so deal with it

First of all, there's no reason be an ass about it, simply put.

Second, if you would've read every post in the thread, you would see that users were not only talking about the Wii's browser, but also their preferred browser; I simply stated mine. Nowhere did I complain about the Wii's browser. In fact, I'm happy they chose Opera over Firefox- at least then will the Firefox fanboys see that while their browser is good, it could be improved.

If you want to be a biggot, fine, but you have no reason to question who does or doesn't "give a damn" about anything anyone posts. That would be the equivalent to someone questioning who "gives a damn" about your posts.
yeah i use opera too!!! it is pretty awesome... ECCEPT... when i first got it it was SLOOOOOW as HELL.... but now it is lightning fast