Organizing Albums


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Mar 29, 2007
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Since the my xbox thinks its cool to only rip one song at a time on burned CDs(legal ones mind you), some of the albums I put on my 360 are all spread out in different albums.

So is there any way I can put different albums together so I don't have a bunch of one song albums?

Also, why the hell does my 360 fail at ripping CD's so much. I'm trying to rip a legally obtained LP which was offered for free off of the bands website, but it keeps failing to do so. I managed to get 3 out of the 4 songs so far(all with separate rip attempts), but I'm still working on getting the last song(which happens to be one of my favorite ones...) EDIT: 10 tries still no luck, now burning CD with 10 copies of that song on it and trying.

I read that this is due to copyright things, but I know that on much of the CD's I have tried to rip that is not the case.
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