Paper Mario Thousand Year Door - I need help

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Mar 27, 2009
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well I just got done with Peach turning herself invisible and doing something for TEC. I finished the Island and eat Lord Crump so now what? so where do i go to next
If it's the part where Peach starts out in the bathroom, you either have to go in an elevator or through a door, and the level will end and then you'll return as Bowser. (I think, it's been awhile since I've played it)
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she got done turning invisible then the story went to Bowser. i'm back to Mario and we are now on Rogueport
wait so how many crystal stars do you have?
I'm assuming you have five if you just finished the island chapter
I think the island level is five if thats what your talking about. so then you'd take the train to that rich place. pretty much the whole chapter is set on the train solving mysteries and stuff. then you go to the museum and do some crap to get the sixth star.
yeah you do some crap to find don pianta and then you get on the train (i think this is the funnest chapter in the game) :D
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Go to Don Pianta's office and you'll see him asleep. Talk to him and his associates will stat telling you how he misses Fransesca, his daughter.
Go back to Keelhaul Key and talk to Don Pianta's Daughter and her boyfriend, they should be in the forest. Go find the wedding ring near the Skull Rock and bring it back to them. They go back to Rougeport with them and take them to Don Pianta's office, and he'll give you a ticket.

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