Super Paper Mario or Super Mario Galaxy?


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Feb 7, 2007
Flipside or flopside
yeah so what do you think will be better? both look very fun.

Super Mario Galaxy

Now Mario has come a long way since the 3-D era of Super Mario 64. Super mario Sunshine wasn't the best game in the world, but I enjoyed it. I'm sure nobody has much info on it, but we've all seen videos on it and I almost drooled on my keyboard watching it. When you blast throughout the galaxy and with the inavation of the Wiimote, with all of Mario's moves, could this be the best Mario 3-D game yet? Or could this even beat Super Mario Bros 3? Only time can tell.

Super Paper Mario

Now at first I thought this game was crap. The thing is, I didn't understand the concept of Super Paper Mario. Paper Mario (N64) started the RPG of Mario. When you attacked, got attacked, or ran into an enemy, you went into a battle. You all took turns to attack and you got partners throughout the game. I played Paper Mario at someone else's house and it was good. the I experinced Paper Mario: The Thousand year Door (GC) and it was the best game I ever played. The game was much more exciting with an audince and the Crystal Stars to collect and a new enemy and a deeper plot. Super Paper Mario turns back the original Mario 2-D platform games combined with 3-D of today. You can control it by the push of a button. Super Paper Mario looks promising.
Even if by some freak accident that Paper Mario is better than Galaxy, everyone will still like Galaxy better.
I like the look of both but super paper mario looks really nostalgic when its 2d and then you can flip it into 3d and the trailers of this look really cool, so for me at the moment its super paper mario....
Nfanboy you forgot to mention Mario RPG for the Snes. That started the Rpg's of mario.
I think both of them are going to be exellent games. But I do have a feeling that Paper Mario will out sell Mario Galaxy. Paper Mario will put 2d games back on map, and probrably be the best 2d platformer ever made. I always hear people say "I don't like the 3d Mario's ". Personally, I like Mario64 and Sunshine, they are still the best 3d platformers on any console now .I just know, Mario Galaxy is going to take platforming to another Demension.
I think Super Mario Galaxy is going to be way more fun than Super Paper Mario. Both have a great gameplay, but Galaxy's grafics combined with that awesome gameplay, will be more fun.
I played Super Mario 64 and it was one of the best games for N64, and I think Galaxy is going to be one of the games for the Wii.
Galaxy will be better because all the people who never played the original 2D marios will not pick Super Paper Mario up