Pepper's Guitar Hero Tournament


Pepper, The Original
Jan 1, 2007
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This tournament is going to be played on Medium difficulty, Pro-face off, with 3 songs that will be named once enough people have signed up. :cornut:

Time zones will be put into account and the tournament will be SATURDAY THE 22ND.

Heres how the tournament works:
1. Once enough people have signed up you will be randomly paired with another person that has signed up.
2. When the tournament starts you will play this person online in a best 2/3 match on medium pro-face off.
3. Once the match is over it will be posted on here who won. (Please no lying.)
4. The winner will move on to the next round until we only have 2 people left, who will be our finalists.

Rule on disconnecting-
We all know that you can't help disconnecting, but after the 3rd time you are kicked out of the tournament and your opponent will win.

There's no real prize but bragging rights is worth it. :D

People Participating:
1. Pepper
2. Rain Foxx
3. brendo
4. Ripjaw
5. Mikeo22
6. agn015
7. jimbo
8. icyoooppplaa

(Keep posting because we might need more because of time zones.)

Let's try to get 8 people for now.
Just post on this thread if you want to sign up, and we will all add eachother's
friend codes later.
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Well I've seen on this forum it's mostly medium players, but post your preference of level and we'll see if we can get enough people on hard.
I'll join, I pWn on medium...

I'd really rather play on hard, but whatever floats your boat dude. :p

I will suggest 3 awesome songs...

Don't Hold Back
Suck My Kiss
My Name is Jonas (or) When You Were Young

Once I get the game...
And once more people will play on Expert mode with me. :)

I'm debating on whether getting the game for Wii, PS2, or Xbox 360 D;
PS2, since I already have guitars for it.
Wii for online play only.
Or Xbox 360 for downloadable content and visible star power moves :S
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Ripjaw said:
im in for mean next weekend dont you?
Most likely yes
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Popert said:
Ugh, I won't be here next weekend...
well if we get enough people very quickly it may be this weekend
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just need 2 more

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