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Aug 5, 2006
Glasgow, Scotland
My xbox 360 has been not starting up for a couple of months now, beforehand i just followed the instructions and took out the cables and put them back in again but yesterday it didnt start up at all. Luckily i phoned up xbox and they are going to repair it free of charge.

Have any of you got a xbox/xbox 360 and if so have you experienced any problems?
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Yeah, oblivion is fantastic and the ability to download demo's easily is a big plus, still in need of a few more classic games though
when the warrenty expired for my Xbox, it started crappying up my discs. my halo 2 disc is terrible, it doesnt work at all. so i got it fixed for $80 but then crapped out on me again after that warrenty expired. so now it just sits in my room collecting dust. Thanks for the crappy console, Microsoft!
Me? No I dont own any console even nintendo ones... I OWNED Nintendos and sony consoles
got my first xbox a week after launch (the one with the "shitty" thompson drives) and it is still working to this day. i got a LE Halo green one and it still works. got an xbox 360 on launch day and it never froze up on me or scratched any of my discs. i guess im just lucky when it comes to xbox's lol
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Yeah, my old xbox just started to give out just as i got a 360 though thats my fault for modding it thats just one of those things you have to accept when modding.

And BTW, I am looking forward to Halo 3 (also hoping crysis and spore come out for the 360)

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