Picture of Sonic from SSBB Brawl?


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Jul 3, 2006
Looks like an image has been leaked showing sonic as a newcomer of ssbb brawl. It looks like it was photoshopped.
link: http://www.codenamerevolution.com/?p=1087
yea if you look at his arm theres a shadow from absolutley nowhere. Also they took that from wildfire.
deff a fake he just looks outa place
The edges of him are all weird, its clearly a fake
Man I love your sig. I wish that deity link was in brawl that would be so sweet.
Mario Famous said:
Sooic in SSBB will never happen, Nintendo is only adding people that appeared in a Nintendo game...Sonic Battle doesn't count.
Nintendo said they were going to put 1 or 2 3rd party characters in SSBB from their closest 3rd party companies: Sega, Namco, or Capcom and that's not including Solid Snake. So sonic could be a new character it's just that picture is fake cuz the words don't match from E3 trailer.