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Sep 30, 2010
I just got a Wii from a student's parents. I wouldn't let them pay me for classes as they are friends, so they gave me a gift. They missed my point about not paying because they're friends but this is part of the Chinese culture I'm still adjusting to.

I'm an American from Atlanta living in China however my Wii came from Korea, all the packaging and instructions are in Korean. It also came with an external 250GB HDD with a couple of gigs of files. There isn't a CD or DVD in the Wii box, so I'm not sure what to do now that I got it plugged up.

As for Internet service, it see my wifi network (unknown Chinese wifi router) and when I enter my WEP key it won't connect. I searched the error code on Nintendo's website but it didn't help me find a solution.

Hopefully I'll be up and running soon and looking for words of wisdom on here. My last console game was an Atari 2600, I'm more of a PC gamer.
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Thanks much

Been crazy busy and my Wii has gone untouched for two days. Tomorrow, just some plans for lunch with friends from church, then I can play! Downloaded an English user manual... not much help really. Gonna have to do some searches and dig through the forums.

My Wii doesn't have English menus as an option. My wife can read the Chinese for me and they follow the same pattern as the English menu, so I can just look at the manual and count the number of buttons to click...