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Apr 7, 2009
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I'm finally getting a Wii for Christmas and I know that's awhile away, but I'm excited and trying to put together a small wishlist of games I want. What I would really love is to play a good point-and-click adventure. Are there any available for the Wii? If not, are there any planned to come out within the next several months? I haven't been following along with the console at all, so I have no idea what's out there for it. All I know is that Wii would be absolutely perfect for this kind of game.
Broken Sword is recommended
But Sam and Max is due out soon
Get Zack & Wiki~ It's cheap and it's fun. Very Challenging at time too. i really think you would enjoy it.
Broken Sword just came out. Sam & Max season 1 is already out and season 2 is out soon. Zack & Wiki is great game (although pretty tough). Strongbad's Cool Game for Attractive People is available in 5 episodes on WiiWare for 1000 points each.
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Thanks a lot for the suggestions, everyone. I'm definitely going to try out these games. And I'm very excited to hear about Sam & Max being on the Wii. I already have seasons 1 and 2 on the PC, but playing these on the Wii would be a blast! These other games look fun too (especially Zack & Wiki). Thanks again!
Being brand new to the Wii, you might consider investing in a package of rentals (from Gamefly, Blockbuster, or wherever else does that). When I first got my Wii, I fell in love with the idea of every title and how cool it might be with the Wii controls - and some of them were real stinkers! Some were great, but others just wasted my money. Then I got a Gamefly membership for about 6 months and tried out all different kinds of games; now I really know what kinds of games I like!

Getting reviews and advice is great, but only you can really enjoy (or not enjoy) your games.
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Good advice. I was actually considering re-opening my Gamefly account once I get my Wii. Aside from Wii Sports, the only games I've played on the Wii are the Guitar Hero franchise, and well, it's not much different from playing it on other consoles. Oh, I did play the first Ravin' Rabbids game, but that was back when I was in a gaming funk and didn't care much for new games. I haven't had much of a chance to play around with the controllers and see what kinds of games are actually fun with this console, so rentals would probably be a good idea (unless I can find the games for cheaper than rental price, which could be likely by that time).
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Just thought I'd let everyone know that I went to test the Wii earlier today (to make sure it works) and my grandma ended up letting me take it home! I won't be getting a Christmas present from her this year, but I don't really care. The console also came with Wii Fit, We Ski, Jenga, and Luxor 3. We're having a blast and my wife absolutely loves the Wii Fit.

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