Pokemon Snap!


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May 26, 2006
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i loved this game i think there should be a sequal for the wii, wouldnt it be cool using the wiimote to make ur shot more accurate
wait i have that game i have no clue how to get garados do you know how
dwaltin said:
It would be cool if you could walk around in first person in a 3D envirorment, would make the game a tad more difficult.

yes would make it better and force u to use stealth when getting close to them...
That would be awesome to have the sequal for the Wii.:arf:
dja11101995 said:
how do you get gyaridos???????
I don't remember for sure but it may have had something to do with that Whirlpool somewhere. I only remember that a bit.

But that game was awesome. I was really young in the N64 games so I didn't quite get what to do when it came to strategy and story, but I loved to take the pictures. :p
dja11101995 said:
how do you get gyaridos???????

This takes a lot of work, but it's worth it! At the start of the VALLEY ENVIRONMENT, there is a Magikarp that keeps jumping out of the water. Keep throwing pester balls near it, and it will be flung towards the shore with the
Mankey, and the furry rodent will hurl the fish far, far away. Roughly
45 seconds later when your each the three Gravelers, Magikarp will land
on the shore. Toss it a pester bomb, and it will bounce across the river
and into the waterfall. With a climatic introduction, Gyarados will
BURST out of the waterfall.

Copied from Game Faqs:D
Snap was seriously one of my fav n64 games. They should definitely make a sequel featuring ALL of the countless Pokemon (I lost count after 150). It would be awesome if it was like a first person with 3d environments where you could see the Pokemon living together, in like a cute realistic (pokemon realistic) ecosystem. That would be really fun.
Snap was a great game for small doses. Its very easy to complete on 100% but what makes it fun is the interactivity with every pokemon on the screen within your control.

Its been like 7 years since I last played this game and i recommend this game to little kids. They will like the simplicity of it.
i remember this game. i was hooked. it was really fun. i remember trying so hard to figure out how to get some of the pokemon. i miss the n64 days :(