post pics of your wii games here!

callme.nasty said:
if you have all of those, you are a serious loser.

and cammy, i was being incredibly sarcastic when i asked if you had more pics.
He is a loser because he has lots of games:sick: :confused:
I would consider myself a loser if all I did was sit around and play those games, but unfortunately my freetime isn't what it used to be. I still like variety when I do find time to play. And I would be neglecting my shiny new wiikey if I didn't take advantage....
Sam_Harris said:
He is a loser because he has lots of games:sick: :confused:

yes. how much time do you sit around playing video games if you have freaking 37 games and 28 of them have only been out for no more than 3-4 months? anyone who has any bit of a life would agree with me. either that or he's so freaking rich that he gets them just because he which case i'd still say he's a loser for taking all the games!
as he stated before he has a wiikey ( for the newb's thats the only wii modchip on the market worth buying ), whitch means he only has to download a wii iso and burn them.... no costs involved there realy.
Yup, wiikey kicks ass. I have plenty of games I haven't even had a chance to try besides making sure the disc burned correctly. If you're in the market for a modchip, the wiikey is definitely the way to go.
BTW Nilsk123, do you really need that unscrambler? My LG drive comes today, I thought rawdump 2.0 was all ya needed for backups???
dakster said:

Tiger woods 07
Wii Sports
SSX Blur
Trauma Center
Ramen Raving Rabbids
Sonic Secret Rings
Excite Truck
Super Monkey Ball

Mario Strikers
Metroid Prime II
Viewtiful Joe
Super Smash Brothers Melee
F-Zero GX
Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door
Mario Sunshine
Mario Kart Double Dash

Mario Brothers
Super Mario Brothers
Super Mario World
Mario 64
Donkey Kong Country
Elevator Action
Sonic The Hedgehog
Street Fighter II
Mario Kart 64
Space Harrier II
Donkey Kong

just a couple of games then lol

i have:

sonnic secret rings
wii sports
red steel
zelda tp

and i am getting dbz in a couple of days
I have:

Wii Sports
Wii Play (Game is rubbish but good for the remote)
Red Steel
Did have Wario but played it for 5 minutes and then traded it back in the next week for Sonic.

I didn't take any pictures of mine, but I used the wire method, and tucked the wiikey on the right side down in the black plastic housing (well wrapped in electrical tape). I did this based on a guide I read, mainly this one: review.html

But I can't seem to find the guide where the wiikey was installed on the side. The wiikey is pretty small, its easy to place it where you want. I would highly recommend a wire install as opposed to the quick solder points. Although that install linked above does look pretty slick.
I have:

Zelda (dur)
Wii sports
Wii play
Red steel
/2 'Motes, 3 Nunchucks :tard:

[Got eldees preordered]
Also sold Rayman to friend for £25 lol... I'm currently searching for some good games, any ideas?

I'll try to take some pics but my cams a bit f'd up.
just go to and you can see every one wiis with respectives games around the world.

and responding to the topic, i have: