Post your Wii setups here.......


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Feb 5, 2009
Here's my gaming setup. I took this pic just before I added the Wii to my setup. So you wont see the console in the audio/video rack. You also can't see the sensor bar which is now bottom center of the tv. I was able to hide all three cables associated with the wii so the tv is still wire free all the way around. I will post an updated pic as soon as I get a new digital camera.
Already been made, but it's pretty old...

I guess I'll show mine:

I need to get a longer ethernet cable so I can move the 360 in my room...
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setup comment

Cool setup. Love the vintage gear. I no longer have my purple N64 or my Platinum Cube. My ex got my classic NES too. Very nice that you have all of those.

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