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Sep 9, 2006
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Post your Ds collection!!! (rate them too if you want)

Ill start out:

Onyx DS lite - 10/10 (Perfect :))
Metriod Prime Hunters - 10/10 (Wifi is really fun, single is fun too, wifi is better though)
Mario Kart DS - 9/10 (Okay, gets a little boring though, but fun)
New Super Mario Bros - 8/10 (Same as the above, fun but gets a little boring)
Onyx DS Lite - 9.5/10 Perfect except for the smudges!

Star Fox Command - 10/10 Totaly awesome and long-time interesting.
Platinum DS w/ ying yang skin (10/10 I say bah to your Lites)
Animal Crossing Wild World (8/10 Some good changes, but they also took out some good things too)
Meteos (7/10 Great puzzle game. Needs Wi-Fi)
Kirby Canvas Curse (7/10 Excelent gameplay. Again, needs Wi-Fi)
Mario Kart DS (6/10 Fun game but short and frustrating at times. Hard to get good online.)
Metroid Prime Hunters (8/10 Slow single player but awesome multiplayer. Stupid people who disconnect during a game.)
Super Mario 64 DS (8/10 Long and fun game. Frustrating too many times.)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue (1/10 Terrible game. I was expecting an actual Pokemon game (you know: training, turn-based battles, "catching pokemon). I don't like anything about this game.)
New Super Mario Bros. (5/10 fun game. But extremely frustrating at times)
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Silver DS, Screw The Lite!1000000/10
New Super Mario Bros. 10/10
Animal Crossing 10/10
Urbz 7/10
American Sk8land 5/10
Wario Ware 10/10
Sims 2 3/10
Zoo Tycoon 4/10
Super Mario 64 DS 9/10
Metroid Prime Pinball 8/10
MPH First Hunt... Meh... Its A Demo...
Mario Kart 10/10 FILPPIN AWESOME!!!
Spiderman 2 2/10
Nintendogs Dachshund And Friends 9/10...Awwwww...

Whew... A Lot Of DS Games And I Plan To Get More!
Nintendo DS Lite (onyx)= 10000/10 (my first DS and its awesome)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Blue Rescue Team=10/10 (thats so embarising. i only got one game. lol but still, its a good one)
**what can i say, im new to the DS. but imma get the New Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon Rangers too.**
-Original silver DS-10/10 (It's a perfect design)
-42 All Time Classics-9/10 (Best Wi-Fi game yet)
-Animal Crossing-9/10 (Amazing game, not quite as good as the Cube version)
-WarioWare Touched-9/10 (Great just Short)
-Phoenix Wright -10/10 (Love this game, so original)
-Metroid -8/10 (Wi-Fi is great the single player isnt)
-Super Mario 64 -10/10 (Mario 64 with loads of minigames and extra levels!!)
-Mario Kart -10/10 (Second best Mario Kart game ever!)
-Nintendogs -10/10 (Genius)
-Tony Hawks - 10/10 (An all round great game)
-Super Mario Bros -10/10 (Such fun, great multiplayer)
-Brain Training -8/10 (Great idea, not made that well)
-Mario & Luigi Partners In Time- 8/10 (I'm stuggling to get into this but its well made)
-Advance Wars-10/10 (Has everything but Wi-Fi)
dblpr said:
black ds lite 10/10
metroid prime hunters 8/10, gets a little boring, but still good fun

just wanted to say awesome sig! rammstein is my second favorite band i have 3 of their CDs. Im going to go buy a hoody today and i so hope i can find like a black hoody with the rammstein symbol in white on it.

and d_wizzle..or picking up advance wars today maybe =] hope its good and that its everything i could want =] i understnad theres no wifi but im convincing my friend to ask for it and a ds this x-mas =]
Silver DS - 10/10 (Owns Lite)
Metroid Prime Hunters - 10/10 (Adventure is fun it you try to do it well - 100% every where)
Super Mario 64 DS - 7/10 (It's fun until you finish the game)
Mario Hoops 3 on 3 - 9/10 (Great game, fun against bots, but no Wi-Fi :mad5: )
Metroid Prime : First Hunt 1/10 (Demo, well it's a demo....Entertains for 5 minutes)
ZeLdA4LiFe said:
Nintendo DS Lite (onyx)= 10000/10 (my first DS and its awesome)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Blue Rescue Team=10/10 (thats so embarising. i only got one game. lol but still, its a good one)
**what can i say, im new to the DS. but imma get the New Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon Rangers too.**

il sell you new super mario bros.

and i have:
white DS Lite: 10/10
New Super Mario Bros.: 7/10(really short & easy)
Brain Age: 8/10
Star Wars EP.3: 4/10(GAY)
MPH: 3/10(GAY)
Goldeneye: 8/10(only abour 2 hours of gameplay)
AC:WW: 7/10(gets boring quick)
G6 Lite:9/10(you can download any game you want, along with emulators, but only has 512mb of space, but i would recommend getting this, you can hold about 8 games, and there is alot of homebrew)
originall DS silver ( 10/10 it looks nicer than the DS lite)

Mario 64 DS ( 7/10. it was fun when it first came out on n64)
need for speed: underground 2 ( 3/10 sooooo boring. and the cars don't look like cars)
mp: hunters ( soo great. story mode is the BEST. online TOOOO!!
new super mario bros ( 9/10 sooo great but it could have more innovate courses. it's also too short. and i think it would be better if u had to finish all the worlds before the last castle)
mario kart: DS ( nice game. it's too short. too easy. the only thing that i still do with it is playing online)
rayman DS ( really great game. i'm stuck though. it's a biiigg game:D)
original silverm ds
blue original ds

mario kart - 9/10
metroid prime hunters - 9.5/10 (single player could be better)
star fox command - 9.5.10 (i really like wifi and the controlles)
megaman zx - 7.5/10
tetris - 10/10
metos - 10/10 (needs wifi though)
animal crossing ww - 9/10
goldeneye - 7/10
lost in blue - 7/10
ultimate spiderman - 7/10
advance wars - 10/10 (great game)
nanostray - 9.5/10
mario and luigi - 8.5/10
polarium - 5/10 (same old pattern continues)
bomberman -4/10 (ughh)
sonic rush - 9.5/10 (amazingly good, and hard)
yoshi touch n go - 8/10 (addictive)
resident evil - 7.5/10 (mmhh rather play on GC)
puyo pop fever - 6/10 (like puzzles but got old fast)
kirby canvas curse - 8.5/10 (very original game)

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Origanal silver DS
Mario kart
Star Fox Command
Metroid Prime Huntera
Yoshi Touch n Go
New Super Mario Bros