Posting from my DSi


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Jul 15, 2007
I got my DSi today.My sis can home to Trinidad and did not forget to bring me a brand spanking new DSi.So one of the first things i do is hook it up to my wifi.It worked,unlike the DSlite that xloud only work with wep encription.Anyway i started thinking would it not be cool to post here with it,it is.And its really aimple and the browser i quit fast,waaaaaay faster than the DSlite`s.So if your still thinking about it
getting one i can say i can say you should.My only grip is that it cant play vids off the net.I hope Nintendo makes an update to fix that soon.
Cool man. I sold my DS about 2 years ago, but since the making of the DSi and the release of Castlevania Order of Esccela and GTA: Chinatown Wars I want one again.

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