power supply .. please answer


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Oct 11, 2006
does any body know if you can buy a USA wii and ship it over to europe .. but change the power supply to 220volt any way .. any adapters or any thing .. please help . i cant wait till march
March? march i say? The wii is out in Europe on December 8th, priced £180. You can buy US to UK adapters, but im not sure where to get them. You'll have to wait for someone else to tell you that. And of course you'll only be able to play america games on it. i.e- import all games, (possibly controllers-not sure)
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really ..

i was reading that the ps3 and wii come out in march of 07 .. i hope to god your right you just made my day...dont forget i live in greece ... i really think im screwed
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so the wii comes out in europe in december .. wow im in shock .. so happyy
yeah but the wii is region coded so were ever you buy your wii from you have to buy the games from there to so your plan wont work sorry
Just wanted to pop in to say for future posts of questions that really don't require disscussion, please post in Wii Basics. :yesnod:

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