preorder at gameplay!!!

Can someone explain to me how the pre-order works at A local store.
Becuase im gonna be really mad if I dont get A Wii.
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you go in there and say you give the shop £50/$50 and on release date they keep your wii and you give the rest of money and they hand it over
One thing to check if you're pre-ordering at a local store like EB or TRU, is how many pre-orders they already have. From what the guy at EB told me, you go on to a numbered list, and if the store only gets 20 Wiis, and you are number 21, you will miss out until they get new stock in. I am number 2 on the list at my EB, so I am pretty much garunteed one on launch day. Dont forget to check that number, because if it's something outrageous, you may want to cancel it and take your money elsewhere. Just a thought.