Arent they going to have preorders online for eb/gs?


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Aug 23, 2006
It says online they are going to have preorder online. Does anyone have an idea about when that would happen. LIke this weekend, a few weeks etc? I have tried asking the stores but they have no idea, does anyone have an idea from when they usually have preordering online. I called so many eb/gs stores and all dont have any more in store preorders!!! This STINKS, now i might have to wait until July. My b-day is next week and i was hoping to have it preordered by then....

please help, i am so dissapointed i cant preorder, i can online that is if they ever do and and its not wayyyyyyy to expensive ( it might be bundles only) i rather have the original deal if there arent any bundles....AHHH This stinks:mad5:
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All stores are saying, you wont be able to preorder at the store until after release date /x-mas 1 person said.... :mad5: