anyone preorder from GS/EB inside a mall?


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Oct 12, 2006
Has anyone preordered from a gamestop or an ebgames in a mall?

this is what i plan on doing when preorders come to me on monday... and i just wana know how it worked...

was it any different? did you go before the mall opened? was there any proticall or anything? and please, if you did get it from one, tell your story! just wana prepare for all situations

thanks alot!
hey i dont mean to link to a web siote but go nintendo has heaps of pics of peoples adventures of pre ordering and if you curious they have little stories about the event of the people and pics so check that out and what do you mean come to me on monday i though they were only today or yesterday depends were you are in the world
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in canada they start preorders monday :) and thanks for the website
I preordered from the EB in my mall. Fortunetely I work in another store at the mall so I know what doors are open before the customer doors are open :). Customer doors open at 8, I was in at 7:50 am and was 1st in line
Well the mall that has the EB/GS in it where I am opens well before any of the stores to allow walkers and such. Basically people who want to get some exersize in when the weather outside sucks.

So here you can be in the mall for a few hours before anything opens. ALSO: Take note, the EB Games in my mall actually opened a half hour earlier than normal, screwing me over.

So you might want to call them and make sure they are going to open at normal time or early.
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well i am going at 6 in the morning, at 7 in the morning the mall opens, and EB at 10, i think im early enough :D
I pre-ordered in a mall. I got in line at the Gamestop around 9:45 (GS opens at 10) and was about 10th in line. When the doors opened, they counted the people in the line, and told me to go to the EBGames, because they were getting more systems than Gamestop. I quickly ran over to the EB and waited in line for about a half an hour. I then preordered my Wii. Yay.