what is required to preorder?

hybriddj said:
I live in canada, and the preorders begin on monday. I am 16 years old, and plan on going with my friend, he is 16 years old as well.

we are both bringing 200+ dollars, and we are going really early

what i am wondering is the following:

1. What is required to preorder the system... someone said an ID? other than the 50 or 200 deposit... anything that i would need my parents there for? we will have the money, its just if theres something else required to preorder, i wana know to plan before monday :)

2. Finally, on the EBgames website it says that the wii and ps3 orders start monday... and it goes on to say that only 1 preorder per household. Does this mean only one preorder per household, either ps3 or wii? or is it one preorder per system per household, where you can preorder both, but just once :) thanks alot!
1) It requires your adress/phone number and a receipt they will give u after preordering. By the way tell me how many people end up in line with you. I wanna know how its going to be here in canada so i might be able to preorder mself
2)1 per household means 1 Wii preorder per HOUSEhold or 1 PS3 per HOUSEhold. Im not sure bout preordering both though
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agh. hopefully one preorder per system... but yeah address and phone number w/e hehe, i just cant wait! =D i can deal with it if its only one, but my brother wont be happy :D