what is required to preorder?


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Oct 12, 2006
I live in canada, and the preorders begin on monday. I am 16 years old, and plan on going with my friend, he is 16 years old as well.

we are both bringing 200+ dollars, and we are going really early

what i am wondering is the following:

1. What is required to preorder the system... someone said an ID? other than the 50 or 200 deposit... anything that i would need my parents there for? we will have the money, its just if theres something else required to preorder, i wana know to plan before monday :)

2. Finally, on the EBgames website it says that the wii and ps3 orders start monday... and it goes on to say that only 1 preorder per household. Does this mean only one preorder per household, either ps3 or wii? or is it one preorder per system per household, where you can preorder both, but just once :) thanks alot!
If you have 50 bucks, you got yourself a Wii. Nothing else is required.

And it is 1 system per household. IE you can preorder a Wii and a PS3, but not two Wii's.
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oh ok thanks alot, that puts my mind at rest hehe... monday shall be a success, and another thing...

i am going to an EB in a mall close to my house. The mall opens at 7, EB opens within the mall at 10. My friend and i are going to be there at 6:00 AM just in case there is a line at the mall... do you guys think 6:00AM is early enough? i mean once the mall doors open its first to get to the EB and line up there gets 1st in line... anyone preorder at a store in the mall have any input?
1. Here's what EBGames requires of Canadians:
(click to enlarge)

2. I don't believe you need a parent to reserve a console. You generally only need a parent if you're buying a mature-rated game.

Hope that helped.:)
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umm mississauga, Ontario =) ima be there real early, not getting an M rated game! so im good~! (hopefully)
hybriddj said:
umm mississauga, Ontario =) ima be there real early, not getting an M rated game! so im good~! (hopefully)
nice...i live around moncton New-Brunswick
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how early you going to preorder if you are? trying to compare how early i should go :p
I wont be able to go..i have school and my mom will never let me skip just for a video game console...lol...but i would go around like 5 am
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wow jeeze... well i have a doctors appointment later that day, so i was just like mom im missing my hard classes anyways, so i might as well just miss the whole day... and she folded :D so i got it, but my mall opens at 7... and the store not till 10... so 5 is a lil early aint it? 5 hours before the store opens?
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haha same, my friends getting a ps3 and hes more scared then i am, cuz if i dont get it preordered, i still have hope, ps3... not so much, not many of those hehe so hes making us go reaaaallly early
lmao PS3 he could go next week and their will still be..lol Trust me the PS3 is the next GameCube ( in other words you know how much the gamecube sucked well the ps3 is going to be the same exepet better graphiques) so far on the next gen console PS3 is the lowest one and the wii is first!!
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really? i always thought xbox360 to be the worst... then ps3 then wii on top :D
well as much as i hate microsoft myself...nope turns out microsodt is second and ps3 down the gutter..and wii on the cloud with hot woman giving it berrys and using a giant leaf to give a nice breeze to the wii...lol

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