Unfortuantly.. I don't have a enough for a pre-order yet.. But i will hopefully pre-order at my local EB games... If i don't have enough.. Im not running to the store early to buy it.. I'll just wait a week or so for more to come in
Riviet said:
I'm not that desperate to pre-order. I'll just buy one if it's in stock.

Preordering isnt despertate.....and why not pre-order? IT costs no extra money and you get a gaurenteed wii
why are people saying they dont have gamestop dont you only have to put $5 down and pay the rest when you come to pick it up......well thats how it is in the US.

i am probably going to see what colors are available at the pre-ordering time and if i want a different one that will come out at launch or around launch.....then ill wait