Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA?


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Jan 26, 2009
Hi. I wanted to know your opinions on which of these 2 is better. I've played PES 08 and FIFA 09. A friend told me FIFA was better and has better graphics but I'm not quite shure about that, cus I liked PES the best. The gameplay of FIFA is easier though I think, but the innovative controls of PES are what makes it special (which has been applied in some way by FIFA). Please tell me what you think?
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Good to see I'm not the only one and that most of you prefer PES, cus I really think it's a great game, and better than FIFA. And I hope that PES 2009 will be great, and I think it will very possibly be.
PES 2009 but only on PC, as you can edit the hell out of it......:smilewinkgrin:
now i am disapointed!!!!! FIFA ALL THE WAY! was recently having this argument with a few mates from work.....4 hours of football and plenty of beer later we are still split but a good night non the less ha ha
I highly recomend you wait for PES2009 for Wii, European people love it!!
This is the best Soccer game, the graphics are outstanding and the gameplay so great!!

The Wii version equal to PES2008 it's better than any other console (xbox360/ps3).
That's means PES2009 for Wii it's the best game you can find!!
I dont know about PES, but FIFA never has anyone online to play with, I haven had the game for about a month, and tried off and on to try to play against someone, and the only people that ever joins my games are WAY better than me with high ratings, but I dunno
Just watched a PES 2009 video and it looks like it puts right the very few flaws that 2008 had. The addition of IR shooting and a more reliable tackling button should make it the ultimate footie game on any system! That's even without taking into account the very interesting co-op play which lets one player use the Wiimote system to direct the team and the second player to control a single player with a classic controller.

Totally awesome! After seeing it in action, PES 2009 has jumped up to 2nd place in my 'most wanted' list (only just behind Madworld).