Problem with 480p in my Wii


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Aug 8, 2015
Hey there. First of all, I'm not a native english speaker, so I may commit some mistakes when it comes to phrasing things.

I bought a Component cable for my Wii last week. Since 2007 I've used without problems the AV cable that comes with the console. Since in my country it's really hard to find an original Nintendo Component Cable, I got a third party one. The TV I use for playing with the Wii (Sanyo LCD-32XA2, a 32'' widescreen LDC; here're the specs: Sanyo LCD-32XA2 TV specs, reviews and features ) was getting repaired, so I hooked it up to another TV i've that has Component cable support. I inmediately noticed the difference between the AV cable and the Component one. However, the Wii would...crash? when going from the home menu to a game, or from a game to the home menu. Weird (I was using 16:9, and I had selected 480p in the Options). I assumed that the TV wasn't good enough. Today, I hooked the cable with my best TV, the one that was on repair: the Sanyo LCD-32XA2. Surprisingly enough, the screen splits in two whenever I play in 480p! If I select 480i, the screen goes normal again.

I've googled a bit and found that, maybe, the problem is that my TV renders 480p at 50hz and the Wii at 60hz, or something. But I don't know where I can check if my TV renders 480p at 50hz or 60hz, it's not on the specs and I downloaded the official manual and it isn't there. Since I bought the cable last week, I'm still on warranty. But I don't know if it's the component cable's problem, or the TV's problem.

Thanks in advance,