Problem with Wii and Xmas

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lucky person! I haven't unfortunatly seen mine do that yet although she always plays the sims on the pc onces she gets a chance.

Maybe i can throw some hints :ihih:
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Icetrash said:
Wow you have some type of miricle girlfriend! A girlfriend that buys you a Wii? WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK!

Well, think about this logically...

She spends £200 on me, I have to spend £200 on her.

So technically im buying the Wii myself just I have to pay for it in jewellery and womens clothes. I'd rather not have the bother and just get myself the wii and she buy her self stuff, lol.
haha, thats very true,

you now have to match the price or even go over it. Thats a double edged sword me old son. But think of the loving you you'll get if you get her nice stuff, god i love christmas, this one especially, roaring fire, roaring Wii, and with abit of bit of luck a well pleased woman (not roaring at me).

On the other hand, if you don't choose well, hell has no wrath like a womans scorn.
why not buy one and tell 'em at the store it's for xmas so you can take it back if you end up getting one.
i sai u just get her real drunk, and hope that the truth comes out. but drunk enough so that she wont remember she told u the next morning. :thumbsup:
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I just found out im getting a wii!!

It was a big risk, but I pulled it off. Its still not 100% clear im getting one for xmas but im pretty dam sure.

So me and my girlfreind go to choices, the local film rental store. As we are walking around I see in all its glory the very last pre-order case for a wii sitting on the shelf. I see it, and I devised a cunning, yet risky plan.

I start talking about how much I want a wii, and worried that if I don't get one for xmas I might not get one at all since no-one will let me pre-order it for 7th December. I then picked up the case and declared I am going to pre-order my wii now because I doubt I got one for xmas. I started walking towards the counter - at this time I was literally shaking and I felt my stomach turning; mainly because I didin't have enough money for the wii and would end up in debt buying it.
So i was just about to place it on the counter when I feel someone tugging on me and telling me I shouldnt do it because I might ruin a surprise at xmas.

So now I know someone has got me a wii for xmas :D
:yesnod: but you cant just take it back if you get one there has to be something wrong doesnt there ? :rolleyes:
Thats bloody GREAT news bro!

congrats, and to think you didn't even have to threaten her with a sex ban.