Problems using wireless in a college dorm


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Feb 19, 2009
I've been scouring the internet for sources of tech support on using wireless internet on the Wii, and every single thing I find says "router this, router that." Well I'm in a college dorm, and I can't do anything to the router. It isn't my router to mess with, it's the dorm's.

I know my friends and I have had absolutely no problems using computers, 360s, and PS3s with the school's wireless internet connection, so why is my Wii presenting problems? Any ideas at all? Is there anything I can do to my Wii to get it to work?

It's able to detect like 6 different connections, and I've tried them all, but the connection test invariably fails.
do you have option for ethernet connection in your room?

when you say you try 6 different connections, do you mean 6 different SSIDs the the wii discovered?

do you fail to connect all together?

post your error codes and symptoms :yesnod:
you basically have 2 options (if you dont have a hardline to your dorm)

1) take it to the networking/IT people at your college. they will be able to fix you up. the college network needs a a name and password to connect. they usually set it up or give you one and i dont think the wii has that kind of abillity.

2) connect your wii to the internet through your pc/laptop. this can be a challenging process. i've never done it. you can wire it to it with the LAN adapter and an ethernet cable. or you can get a wifi dongle (not the nintendo 1, it's no longer made) and set it up on your pc/laptop. after it's setup you can connect your wii to it.

i'd go with option 1

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