proof of wii kiosks


Jul 29, 2006
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as im sure everyone knows that pictures have surfaced about the wii kiosk and here is proof a video from you tube enjoy

source :
Pretty cool couple of funny stabs at sony
"Spred it across the introweb and make me super populur aha"
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no i know about these pics but they were jusr rumours this confirms that thwe wenrt just some fanboy art
Damn you all for showing me this..... DID YOU REALLY MISS WHAT HE SAID??????
The magazine said the kiosks will show up in stores LATE OCTOBER, EARLY NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means that there is no chance that the wii will be available before late october :mad: earliest... damn damn damn....

But i want it now!!!!!!

Smells like November release. :tard:
yesterday i saw this on somewhere....nice i dont bother posting a lot of thi9ngs cause other people will get to it before me....well atleast a day after i see it, so i just post smaller things!

yah that video is funny next time i go to gamestop im gonna interigate them again for that magazine (i interigated them for the wii release date before)
Awesome! Well... Late October Isn't That Bad... MOre Time To Save My Money!