ps2 and xbox rely on image


the challenger
May 23, 2006
psp and xbox rely on image not like wii imagine if ps2 made a name like ps fiends fun or along those lines they would be out of the console race but wii can still put up a fight because sony relys on narrowminded gamers who are in it to show of to their friends anyway i wanna persuade my friend to get a wii i need some ammo:) :)
I doubt you're going to convince anyone that one console is better than another. But I feel like graphics aren't critical to fun gameplay so I'd rather not spend that kind of cash on a console. The Wii needs some killer exclusive apps that kids just can't live without.
i believe that to some point but lets face it . if a console doesnt have any good games for the age group it was made for it wont succeed the ps2 and xbox were made for 13 year olds and up (mainly) because thats the age bracket where people start getting money ... more money means more profit.. the gamecube was made for 5yr olds and up theoreticly this would grant them a wider audience therefore a bigger profit ... sony and microsoft also worked on getting exclusive games for their system that were new and different as well as old and time tested this helped them alot but the biggest things that helped them were the loads of 3rd party developers and online play. nintendo had none of these instead they passed up buying rare their best 3rd party developer in the past and decided to bring back the same old games like mario and well. pretty much everthing had mario in it which was starting to get stale in gamers mouths while they did make some good new 1st party games it wasnt enough most or all of them were made to accomidate the whole family which again in theory would me more profits but they were wrong and it cost them they fell to third in the console race and if sega hadnt droped out it probably would of been forth this is why many gamers crossed the sides and went to sony or microsoft but yes sony and microsoft do have an image its a more mature image and it helps nintendo chose a sort of jack in the box image and made their system look like a toy so it would apeal to everyone ... big mistake it became none as the kiddy game system which really hurt nintendo and thats why they are doing it differently this time thank GOODNESS!
Do you really think it's bad that nintendo did not buy up rare again? I don't see them making any worthwile games for microsoft, and the team is totally different from the goldeneye/banjo kazooie/etc days...
U are acting like another spamer, and plz in a wii forum dont talk about PS2 and Xbox like a god :D