ps3 box art what do you think.....

Wow, you people are whack. They don't look that bad... damn, talk about fanboyism spewing.
Yeah, these box arts suck! wats with the PLAYSTATION being on the side? I think it would look better if the logo was on the top as usual, but on the side?..... And wats that plastic on the top and bottom? That just looks unusual. Im not being a fanboy, i just reckon they look crap. This is unusual cause PS1 and PS2 had nice boxes.. But then again, a box is just a box.
yeah woah it doesnt really look nice at all i think if it was curved more it would be nice but i just dont know why the plastic at the top is for it has to have some purpose
Does anyone know what the Wii's game box art will look like? I saw what the actual console's box art looks like, but I haven't seen games yet.