ps3 not revulutionary? sure?

I hate sony so it doesn't matter what you show me I still won't care
I'm sure PS3 won't be revolutionary come on Wii has a new pad, better internet system and PS3??? just stupid things anyne is never going to use
Why see a Movie on blu-ray if u can see on DVD???
it's still not revolutionary. The Xbox has had media center forever, the interface shown there was the PSP, Wii will have motion sensors, and blu-ray will never catch on. Only Sony will be licensed to use blu-ray, which means that only sony produced movies will be on blu-ray, which isn't much. HD DVD is already mainstream. It's just like the memory stick, it's expensive and you can't use them in anything that's not made by sony.
nothing in those videos were revolutionary, they had that tilting controller thing on the N64 and Wii has it.
That interface looks exactly the same as the psp, but wait its still revolutionary because you can rotate pictures. Wow! thats awesome, I'm gonna get it just for that!

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