ps3 or wii

So you're asking on a Wii forum? Hmmm... I guess it depends on your priorities. PS3 will likely have better graphics. Each will have some exclusive games etc. What it came down to for me is the Wii looks completely unique from a gameplay perspective and will be under $250. When you start talking $400-$600 for the other systems it just becomes a no brainer unless you are a very hardcore gamer.

stu said:
help i cant decide
Wii for better games period and something new to try out. Ps3 for graphix and the old playin' way with a little thievin' from nintendo

What color will hit the stores first for wii??????
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well for me gameplay is better than graphics
sony have been going along fine using slightly better graphics each time with a new console but nintendo have been inovative and traded graphics with gameplay. id rather buy a console which has new and interesting gameplay rather than something with slightly better graphics and a $600 price tag
If you want to play on a boys console then get a PS3

But if you want to play on a console made for a real man...get a NIntendo Wii
I'd say if you want a PS3 and a Wii, but don't have $850... you can go $200 less with a 360, and get a great online experience, cheaper games, and very good graphics. The wii give Wii Connect 24, GREAT gameplay, and its cheap ^^
gona have to get both (bloody sega) but mostly wii
virtua figther 5 to be ps3 only (bloody sega again)
1) A poll would have benefitted you in making your choice

2) There is a clear bias in that this forum consists of members that like the Wii.

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well for one i want a wii coz of gameplay

but with my ps2 i cn play socom 3 for hours a day

but with the wii will i only be able to play for like an hour coz itll get tiring?
wish i did have money for both (working bloke here) but wii first
time for most to get fit then (weapons training mostly for me)
stu said:
help i cant decide
I'm going with the Wii, I mean the PS3 cost alot just to play video games. The Wii has innovation (And Twilight Princess!) which the PS3 doesn't. I mean they thow in blue ray and expect people to jump at it like hounds. I mean sure the PS3 will have better graphics and such, but Nintendo has always satisfied me by making alot of fun games. And the Wii-Mote is something that I am really looking forward to. While the PS3 controller does now have tilt feature, I do not think it will be as good as the Wii mote. I mean they even took out the Dual Shock vibration, but that was so that they could save on the size and battery.

But overall, I'd say that the Wii is better.