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Feb 21, 2009
i want to trade my wii and zelda twilight princes metroid prime 3 animal crossing wii mario galaxy mario kart and more for for a ps3
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i was actualy asking for a trade so if your interested let me no i am willing to trade alot for a ps3 right now.
Ok, so your only two posts are saying you want to trade your Wii for a PS3?

Soz, but why should anyone trust you? You don't even have an avatar.

If you're serious about a trade, go to a GAME store. You wont find any luck here.
Trading/Selling items through Wii Chat isn't allowed, sorry. This is mostly due to the fact that we can't really monitor the transactions and if someone were to get scammed the blame would most likely fall on us.

As several other users have mentioned, try trading in your console to a local video game store such as EB Games/Gamestop etc.
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