wii, 360, and ps3 prime years


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Dec 23, 2007
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looking at the titles for the wii, ps3, and 360, i thought i would say what years the consoles will have their prime.

the wii has 2 years equally desirable, with metroid prime 3, and super mario galaxy on the wii in 2007, and super smash bros, mario kart, and resident evil 5 in 2008. the wii will still be enjoyable, not to mention games the VC and wiiware titles coming out.

The ps3 did not have a good start off but 2008 will be in it's prime due the fact of FF13, and MGS4, not to mention blu-ray player. the ps3 will have a comeback this year and will take microsoft and nintendo fanboys, pooping with astonishement and the companies wishing they were it

the 360 had it's prime in 2007 due to the fact they released the console 1 year early, it's been attracting 3rd party companes like mosquitos to that little blue light that hurts like hell if you touch it with your hand. although 2008 will have halo wars and gears of war 2, it will not beat 2007.
Lol don't listen to Dk his brain must have gone retarted, if you read the interview the guy asks why RE5 is not coming to the Wii and he says the decision not to release on the Wii was made before the Wii itself was even released. RE5 is not coming to the Wii, hell its been delayed because they wanted to update graphics...

As for this theory of prime years I doubt 360 has had its prime as there 1st party games are getting sequels. Mass Effect 2 and 3 is due for the 360, Gears of War 2, Too Human 1, 2 and 3, Halo Wars, Fable 2, etc. There's still a whole lot to come still. Also the guys who made Bioshock said they were thinking of making a prequel about the fall of Rapture. If 2007 is 360's prime its not exactly Microsoft's prime. 360 had good games, but what made the year so great was its 1st party + 3rd party games like Orange Box and CoD4.

As for Wii, I think its pretty obvious this year will be alot better than last year for them, same with PS3, but that doesnt mean this year will be their best. No one will know the consoles prime years until this console generation is over.
You have based this in terms of games. Analyzing it through sales will also show a different viewpoint too. The Wii so far, has been dominating in sales. I'm not sure if it has beaten the 360 yet but I do know it is definitely close. The Wii will definitely maintain it's sales as the demand for the Wii is still way up there. The 360, i guess, is still pretty solid. It's getting it's sales but nothing really out of the ordinary for 2008. The PS3 will see a boom in sales, if not already, because of Blu-Ray. Sales were sluggish last year but this year, hardware sales will go up. I personally don't expect a super high boom because of games but rather because it's a cheap blu-ray player.
Wii has outsold 360 and PS3, but 360 is outselling both consoles in software sales.

But even if Wii sells alot, then Capcom is nothing but a money hungry bunch like EA if they release games on all console just because of sales.
ok here is a question i have for you my friends, should i invest in a 360 or ps3?

to me it seems like all the hard hitters for 360 already came out.

but ps3 is expensive.

but 360 fails a lot!

I fear the Wii will not have too many great games in 2009. That's the year I'm worried about.
But hopefully Nintendo surprises me. They always do...
Caliko said:
I fear the Wii will not have too many great games in 2009. That's the year I'm worried about.
But hopefully Nintendo surprises me. They always do...

Personally I am not worried about 09 simply because there are alot of other Nintendo Franchises that are not out yet like F zero, star fox, pikmin, and probably some others.

But you know what i really want to see is some new IPs, and no wii *random generic mini game collection name* does not cut it.
A new IP thats not childest would be nice IMO. By childish I dont mean StarFox/Zelda type games. But animal crossing is pretty childish IMO.
Yeah, I'd like to see new IP's definately. I mean, Nintendo created Mario, Zelda and Pokemon. Who says they can't do it again??
I'm hoping we see Zelda in late 2009