Question about Mario 64


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Jul 8, 2009
Hello. This is kind of a dumb question but here it is. Do you have to have the classic controller to play Super Mario 64 on Wii, can you play it comfortably with a GameCube controller, or can you play it at all with the Wiimote turned on it's side? I was wondering since I really wanted to get the VC game of it. Thanks.
I know you can't play it with the Wiimote. So it's either the GC controller or classic controller.
Yeah the gamecube controller plays very comfortably, I own this VC game and play it often. this is kinda off topic but not all games play comfortably with a gamecube controller. like super mario world, that game sucks, the way they set up the buttons is horrible. just do research before you plan on playing with gamecube controllers, i was very disappointed when i didnt.
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Also, if you are ever curious about if a game supports a controller, you can check on the wii Shop Channel
i have discovered the best way to play most VC games, and i will post them on my thread, also reveiwing games so you know if they suck or not