Racing Game Question?


Nov 4, 2007
what racing game ever made, doesnt have to be wii, lets you race where you can choose expensive cars like:
lamborghini or diablo
maybe 60's mustang
project gotham racing (1-3 or is there just 2..) xbox and 360
gran turismo (theres a few here too) ps2 and 3
any Need for Speed game
sega gt racing ??? for xbox
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thanks guys.

ok project gotham looks cool and realistic but i like the look of gran turismo 4 better. gran turismo 4 lacks lam,ferrari, and porsche?
however need for speed:most wanted has cop chases and the cars mentioned. and its for GC so i can actually buy it.
Yup Need For Speed series is 4 every system and very cool
Come-on I think you never played Dirt or Grid, I played both on my PC and are amazing, you really feel the speed sense...

Now Dirt 2 comes to Wii this fall, with the Wii motion controls and outstanding graphics this game will be the best rancing game ever on Wii, no NFS Nitro or others can stop them...
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graphics are great on dirt and grid. just as good as turismo.

not sure i like that the cars are all decorated with racing stripes and stuff.
There's a supposidly pretty decent Ferrari game on Wii

Also, Dirt 2 is coming out for Wii this September...

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