Rapala Tournament Fishing wii


Sep 25, 2006
Rapala Tournament Fishing is probably one of the few underestimated titles for Wii. Being the first true Wii fishing simulation game, not to mention it being a launch title, Rapala is not quite getting the recognition it deserves. This is not to say developer Magic Wand did a poor job and publisher Activision is focusing on "bigger" titles. A possible reason for this is fans dismissing it easily, thinking it's just an ordinary fishing game.

Actually, given enough attention, there's more to it than meets the eye. PC gamers well know this as they've been treated to the Rapala experience two years ago with Rapala Pro Fishing and several Cabala games as well. The Wii version, most obviously, will be using the revolutionary combination of Wiimote and Nunchuk. The first one serves as the fishing rod while the latter will be used as the reel (Like in Zelda).Aside from basic line casting, players will be doing other techniques such as wiggling the bait, setting the hook and adjusting the tension. Over 300 lures are included in the game, with multiple rods and fishing line.

Also, there would be a total of 6 Ranger and Lund boats that will be featured in the game. Steering, accordingly, will be done by turning the Wiimote on its side. Activision also promised they would utilized the speaker and vibration features of the console for a more realistic feel.

Activision is also proud of its fishing A.I., saying the 16 different levels on the game are based on real-life locations and are host to real-life marine species. Rapala Tournament Fishing, when it debuts together with console, will cost U.S $ 39.99.

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Looks average. The big question I have is: Why play this, when you can just fish in Twilight Princess? I suppose it's really for fishing enthusiasts, rather than the average gamer.
i might get this, due to marked down price

and people would get it because it's more in depth than TP, different lures, and boats
LOZ:TP has a fishing minigame, while Rapala Tournament Fishing is an entire fishing game on it's own.