RE producer on Mature Wii games: All you need is X-Factor


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Feb 7, 2007
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Mature games on the Wii need not stay underrated; they just need the right X-factor in order to sell. This is how Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles producer sees the situation.

Masachika Kawata spoke up on the current trend of mature-themed games on the Wii largely being left ignored by the fanbase, with high-profile titles like The House of the Dead: Overkill, MadWorld and No More Heroes settling for low chart positions.

"There are good games that didn't sell obviously," he keenly observed. "You need an X-Factor. However, vice versa people won't buy it if it's not a good game."

First of all I don't think that Resident Evil was the only exception selling on Wii. There are other hardcore titles, such as Call of Duty, which were quite successful on Wii as well. People get this perception that on Nintendo Wii all there is are cutesy games. However, when you actually tr to develop a game on Wii it costs you money, it's time consuming and it's not the easiest console to deal with.

We were serious about creating and developing this particular game, and therefore the fan will accept and recognize our effort. I'm considering it a reward for our effort if you like. And also, we were lucky that we've got the Resident Evil brand, which is well-known around the world.

heres the link
Yeah, the wii owners will recognize your effort buying the game, Capcom. But take note to this rule:
If you want to do hardcore titles for Wii make sure push the MAXIMUM of the Wii hardware can do, the RE5 producer says: The Wii can't handle RE5 graphics, but the gameplay can be replicated thanks to the RE4 engine, he's WRONG. Becose the Wii with SMART programing can do MIRACLES, that is why Cavia the RE:DC developer surprise you with amazing gorgeous graphics like a xbox360 game quality. We want RE5 for the Wii with far better controls like RE4 and graphics as close to the xbox360/ps3 and all the features and modes. You know that is posible now, just do it. A RE5 game with almost the RE:DC graphics quality can perform well and will have huge SUCESS!!
Try to use the RE4 engine for the gameplay and an adapted version of the MT Framework engine for the graphics, if you can't do it. Allow CAVIA to do the job, they do a great work with RE:DC!!
The Capcom games are primary about QUALITY, if you do it on the Wii is a secure sucess on every hardcore game you will launch in the future for the console!!

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