Read Your Horoscope with the Today and Tomorrow Channel


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Feb 7, 2007
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New free Wii Channel launches in Europe tomorrow.

Japan's gotten a number of Wii Channels the past two or so years which the rest of the world has yet to see - Still nothing has been said about a western release of the TV Guide channel, the Wii no Ma channel and others.

Well, except for one of them - Since late 2008, Japan has had a channel with which you could read your horoscope. This channel will finally be making its way elsewhere this week - Europe is set to get it tomorrow (Perhaps because tomorrow is 09/09/09) as the "Today and Tomorrow Channel." As with all other Channels, it'll be completely free and downloadable from the Wii Shop.

Nothing has been said about a North American release, but we'd imagine it to follow quickly.

heres the link