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Aug 1, 2006
Top 3 Reasons to Get a Wii?
Im real curious on what makes you want a Wii
It can be anyhting as long as it has to do with the Wii -_-
I got this idea because of this article that states the top 10 things that will save the nintendo wii
The Arsenal That Will Save Nintendo

#10: The Wiimote
#9: Red Steel
#8: WarioWare: Smooth Moves
#7: Wii Sports
#6: Virtual Console
#5: EA's Heavy-Hitting Third Party Support
#4: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
#3:Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
#2: Mario Galaxy
#1:The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess

Well my top reasons would be (note this is all OPINION...NO FLAMES!)

#3: CONTROLLER!- Well after the unvieling of the controller at TGS 05, all the rumors on what the controller would be came to an end. Allaround the world people had many mixed opinions on it including myself. Eveyone thought, "That looks weird. How does it work?" and many other opinions like NINTENDO IS GOING DOWN and stuff like that looks badass. As many soon realinzed what the motion sensing controller could do, many saw the possibilities EVEN THE COMPETITON which led, IMO to SONY's lame rip off of the tech into the DUAL SHOCK 3 controller, which they claim to have been an idea they have had for quite some time(*cough*bullshit*cough*) Establishing a new way to play games, the wii-mote, as fans dubbed it, will fully bring a player into a game. Sensing the controllers movement with the help of a sensor bar, the wiimote is a unique and new way to play some established genres.

#2: VIRTUAL CONSOLE AND GC PLAYBACK!- Hmm well, I love playing my gamecube games and liek with the NES and SNES and N64, I was afraid that id have to keep the hardware after the newest console was released. But my fears were put to rest at the 2005 E3 show(right?) where the Revolution(the name at the time) was shown to the press and was unvieled to be able to play all the gamecube games of the past consoles history. What also made the wii more wanted by the press at the showing was the announcement of the ability to be able to download classic NES SNES and N64 games. That alone made the wii one of the most wanted consoles for anyone, including me. The idea that any of the old classics from your childhood to be revived for a low fee made anyone's mouth water. What totally shocked others and made some rumors true was the news at the 06 GDC where Sega(or was it nintendo?) officially announced that thoussands of games from sega's past and games from the turbofrafx. Classic Sonic on a Nintendo console LEGALLY!!! IMPOSSIBLE! but it will be done by the end of thisyear. Also, Satoru Iwata also has said that, liek the XBOX 360's Marketplace, youd be able to download content for games that you currently own and also will be able to download some new games from indie developers.

#1: Super Smash Brothers Brawl- Come on, anyone who has had a gamecube has once in their lives played this game, unless youre those few that just bought the GC for RE4, but there are still chances. One of my favorite gamecube games' sequel is shaping up to be a very good looking game(not graphics wise) and having been announced to be one of the first online wii games made the game oh the much more better. Who hasnt thought of playing SSBM online? With, hopefully a whole new cast of characters, including the old ones, Brawl will pit some of nintendo's top franchises against eachother and even some characters from 3rd parties, SNAKE!!!. Some of the so far announced characters look so amazing in the video they had showed off in the past E3. With Pit returning to a video game sicne his Kid Icarus debut and Meta Knight kicking other nintendo character's ass, this game is my most anticipated game currently.
Im getting one because the other consoles are going to have problems like xbox360s red light syndrome wii is going to be the only one without major problems and it is the only new console that has changed anything big deal ps3 has graphics you cant see without a 2000 dollar tv and xbox 360 has no real change
I'm getting a wii because for the last couple of years I've only played one console game that I still play regulary (TES 3 Morrowind) so to me the Wii is my gleaming hope that'll make me fall in love with console gaming once again
i am getting a wii for 5 reasons

1)sony became unreliable(ps2 laser copped out for no reason)
2)there will be a better game selection
3)cheaper than the rest
4)will be good for all types of tv
5)other systems seem to be aimed at graphics rather than game-play
My main reasons for getting a Wii:

1. The potential for innovation. With the Wiimote, WiiConnect24 and other things the Wii has the potential to be the biggest change in gaming for years. Nintendo have a knack for new ideas, and while they aren't always good, it can be very rewarding when they do get it right.

2. Virtual Console. I've missed out on a lot of Nintendo history (my first Ninty console was the Gamecube), so I'm curious to see if the old classics are as good as I've been told they are, as well as to see the roots of the franchises I played on the Gamecube. On top of that, there's a few Mega Drive games I'd like to play as well (some I played, some I didn't). It's nice to see Gamecube compatibility in there too, saving me having to reconnect my Gamecube every time I want to play one of the games for it.

3. The games. By far my most important reason for wanting the Wii, or any other console. Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3 and Red Steel all look and sound like they're going to be fantastic, and they're among my most wanted games. And of course, these are just games from the first few months- there could be plenty more to come.
OK, be serius, one of the most reasons is the wiimote, and I think thats the way nintendo will not go to hell as sony thinks, so one of the majr reasons Im getting a Wii is because the controller, anyway I like the other ones too

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