Rechargable Battery Help!


WiiChat Member
Feb 21, 2009
I have some rechangable batteries for my wii remotes. I've haqd them about a year or so, but something's up with them and they aren't charging. When you put the remote in the charging stand, a blue light is supposed to come on to say that the remote is charging, and a green light comes on when it's finished. But when I put it in, nothing happens, except for a loud, annoying sounds coming from the charging station. When I put the remoties in, and turn the power on, it flashes green, which I believe is normal, then nothing happens.
The wii remotes have little battery power in the but they can suffice for a few more days, but I odn't really want to go back to using normal batteries, and it's a waste of money. Anyone know what's wrong?