Red Steel 4 Player Split Screen

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I_WANT_WII said:
ooh, good news!:yesnod:
Hell yeah, I think we should all boycott COD for giving us a toned down port. When they see how many copys Red Steel sells then they'll up there game for the next one :lol:
Now only add wifi functionality and it'll be perfect :D Since it can't be there when the Wii launches I really hope they will make it available through wifi later. A lot of developers would do the same if they see Red Steel doing it I think.
OMG! OMG! OMG! Hellz Yea! I am going to get this game anyways and now with a confirmed ss! omg! Still getting CoD3 though, i just love the game. Also noticed that there were no big arrows next to the corsshair, just a big dot
hopefully online play will be added in 2007 after all the true red steel fans have become master samurai then the punks who jump on the bandwagon right when online is put in won't stand a chance, muwhahahaha world domination.