red steel box art


Jul 29, 2006
Wii Online Code
im preety sure this is real looks ok not the best boxart i have seen


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well i searched again and got nothing sorry if it has been posted
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well then it means i cant be blamed any way on to the subject i think it looks a bit to much like a computer game like usually they dont use the 3d type chracters on the covers usually just drawings
i hope u didnt think i was blaming u Sam, if u did, i wasnt meaning it in that way. But iam sure that it was posted before and your right, if it cant be seen then it is not your fault.

Also, i think that the cover looks fine, i mean... LOOK AT IT! ITS JUST BE-YOU-TEE-FULL!!!!! Beautiful! Plus i dont think 3d type characters look bad, soon 3d type characters on covers will replace drawings.
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nah i didnt think so just i know some people would flame me any way i not sure about the 3d chracters it looks abit dodgy to me
There is one weird thing i reckon with the cover and the game, how come red steel randomly started with all this dual sword thing? i mean it will be cool but they just went really crazy with dual swords all of a sudden, not that its a bad thing cause dual swords is sick :) but i dont understand, unless dual swords are a big part of the game, wats with all this so sudden?
While it's nice looking, I don't believe it's real. I don't believe any of the characters on it are the main character that you play, which it doesn't have to have, but I'm guessing they would put him on the front since this is a brand new franchise.

Also, it looks like someone just combined the following pictures and added some logos and photoshop effects.


Too bad. I really liked it.:(