the REAL box art and rating for red steel! source conferned!


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Jul 20, 2006
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the REAL box art and rating for red steel! source confermed!

Official Red Steel Box Art
Want to see what the Wii box for Ubi's anticipated shooter will look like?
by Matt Casamassina
September 26, 2006 - Although a wide variety of fan-made box art pictures for Ubisoft's forthcoming Wii shooter, Red Steel, have been floating around the Web, none of them are representative of the final design.

How do we know? Ubisoft was kind enough to forward us the official box art for the game today. We've included it in our media section below.
The design features the same gun and katana logo that have come to symbolize the game's mechanics, as well as a simpified red and black background that seems almost inspired by the Kill Bill movies. Take it all in for yourself after the click.


Source: Wii IGN
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Scream said:
Oh that box art looks terrible. Guess I won't be getting the game now. :rolleyes:

Does box art really matter? :shocked:
No, boxart doesnt matter, its wats inside the box that counts! Red Steel is going to be the best, i dont know how u can not want to buy it just because of its cover.... And i dont think theres anything wrong with the cover, its not great but it aint that crap.
kool its a teen i read on a forum it might have a M rating but now im all set to buy it.
thats quite good...........i thought nintendo were going to mess it up and do something gay but they made it look quite good, kind of kill bill feel to it (which means lots of blood yay!)

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