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Nov 11, 2006
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hey im new to the forum, just been browsing the official red steel website. looks like an awesome game of course but i was suprised to read there would be just 4 multiplayer maps! hope they will either make more or allow you to download more. also hope that you will be able to enable bots, when i found out halo 2 didnt have them when i owned an xbox, i was really annoyed, especially as i didnt have the means to play online. on the plus side, sounded like as well as featuring your basic deathmatch-team deathmatch modes etc there would be modes that incorperated the wiimotes speaker etc. cant wait till i can cop this game! :D
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ah rite cheers for the info mate, was just looking through thoes scanned in magazine pictures someone else posted up, the game looks quality but i am disapointed about the fact there are only 4 MP maps & no bots. been playing XIII lately with my lil bro on the gamecube, its great fun teaming up against like 6 bots lol. speaking of XIII... what a f*cking awesome game, well underated in my opinion, i heard no sequels have been planned as yet but i hope we see one released on the wii in the near future :D

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