First Red Steel multiplayer details.

D Twizzle

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Aug 16, 2006
Nottingham, England
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The basic modes of multiplayer confirmed to us today are deathmatch, team deathmatch and an intriguing game type dubbed Mission mode.

We all know what deathmatch and team deathmatch incorporates, but Ubisoft is planning something very unique for the Mission mode. As the game fires up, your Wii Remote will ring like a phone. You'll then press the 1 button and answer it - yep, just like a phone. A voice will then tell you your objective, which must be completed before your rivals in order to win the round or game.

These objectives include one of the three or four deathmatches (it wouldn't really work with just two) being a 'mystery' player that must be hunted down by the others. The mystery player's goal is to survive the time limit while the other players must seek him out and make a kill for the victory.

Advertisement:So how do you seek out the mystery spy or object? Well it's all down to some fancy uses of the Remote's speaker. It'll bleep faster the closer you get to your objective (think weapon or person), which is a bit like when we used to play that 'hot and cold' game as kids, or just how Andy plays it at home today.

The closer you get the hotter you are, (and the faster the bleeps) or the colder you get the further away you are, (and the slower the bleeps). That makes sense, right?

Check back tomorrow for a massive hands-on preview of Red Steel, straight from our HUGE playtest in Paris. Mike should be writing it up on his Eurostar journey back right now.

Gavin Ogden
that would be sweet!

but it would be kinna hard to sneak up on some one while the thing is goin crazy beeping!

and im sure they goin to have a "dual " type of game one on one Sword figth
They better have a Dojo mp map, that would be awesome. Juse all out massacre with no place to hide :lol: