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Feb 7, 2007
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In a recent interview with Kotaku president of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime passed a few choice comments on some of E3's big developments, most notably Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's 'Wand' controller:

We have been very familiar with that technology. have personally seen a lot of iterations of similar technology. Our first reaction is that it is ironic that, three or four years ago, the prevailing industry opinion was that prettier pictures or more horsepower were the waves of the future. And now it's clear from both of our competitors that physical activity in gaming is the wave of the future. It's also ironic that, for Nintendo, the future is here. The future is now.

Reggie was also asked if Nintendo was exploring similar 'controller-less' technology like Project Natal:

We've looked at similar technology and will continue to look at other technology for the future. What's different, I think, for us, is that the experience is what drives us down a particular path, not simply how nifty the technology is… When we looked at this technology and other technology, we decided that the best way to drive immersion and precision as well as creating an environment for publishers to flourish was the Wii remote coupled with the nunchuck.

Clearly Microsoft's new interface is worth keeping an eye on, but Reggie has a point; some of the tech demos of Natal have displayed worrying glitches and as cool as it might be to control a game without using any kind of physical controller, if little inconsistencies keep appearing then your enjoyment is likely to vanish too.

Heres the link
I personally prefer to at least hold a "wand" over pretending to hold a gun, you get more emersed in the game. I think Natal'll fail, while Sony's wand'll rival the Wiimote.
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I'm all for MS Natal. wasn't that impressed with Sony's "wand"
I come to realize that Natal is no competition to the Wiimote whatsoever. It'd be more of a rival for the balance board because it will be better at tracking body motion rather than what your fingers are doing.

Sony's ball on a stick is more Wiimote-like but won't seriously challenge Nintendo this gen because it won't have an automatic user base and the PS3 would appear to be too pricey for the casuals to consider switching.

Wii Motion Plus is here now though and after playing just an hour of Tiger Woods 2010 I know that it works great.
Natal= imrpoved version of eyetoy
Sonys wand= somewhat similar to wiimote, but not as good.

He got it, this is extremely ironic.
I'm all for new technology as I hope we all would be, Natal has it glitches but what do you expect from a tech demo? As long as MS stays with the technology and has the publishers to back it I really don't see anything stopping it. Not only for gaming but that technology could be used in many other things.

A lot of people said the exact same thing when they showed off the wii technology for the first time.

As for the sony, I don't really see how it wouldn't build a user base? I mean the system alone is very impressive in itself technology wise. Sony is a bit slow but it has much potential as long as they and the publishers back it up I can see it doing very well.

I own all three, I am no loyalist at all....I don't see the reason in being that way, so it should be interesting to see how they all progress.

The wii motionplus with tiger woods is very addictive thus far :)
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