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Jan 8, 2010
Hello. I live in the US and want to register my Wii with so that I can download the bbc iplayer channel. However, i've lost my Product Code card. When I enter the serial number from the bottom of my Wii, i'm told that it is invalid. Are the codes really so different from country to country? Am i inputting the wrong code? When i go to select a country in my Wii settings, european countries are not even listed. any help you can provide is much appreciated. thanks!
Yeah, codes don't generally work between regions. It wouldn't matter even if you could register with Nintendo Europe, because it'll still be an American console. You need the country setting to be set to the UK to download the iPlayer, but since American consoles can't switch to European countries, I don't think there's much you can do.
Even if you buy a UK console and use it in the US you still will be stuck without iPlayer as your IP address will be a US one
Watching BBC iPlayer on UK Wii in Australia?

I have a UK Wii with BBC iPlayer channel downloaded.

I would like to take my Wii to Australia and watch programmes using the iPlayer.

Will this work as it is a UK Wii or will it not work because it will have an Australian IP address?

If it will not work are there any software patches or downloads that can be installed to cloak the IP address as it is possible to down on a computer?
what is a BBC Iplayer neways? i always wondered.
BBC iPlayer is a program that allows you to stream TV programs that have been broadcast by the UK national TV station the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

You can usually watch TV programs broadcast in the last 7 days, as well as recent episodes from various series.

iPlayer is availabe online for the PC / Mac, and there is a dedicated free Wii channel for it.