Releases Fall 09

There, I fixed the link.

Doesn't look like there's a lot to look forward to compared to this season, although I may watch Darker Than Black season 2.
It's because you somehow did 'http://http://' instead of just 'http://'. Don't worry, it happens.
Yeah I noticed that but the link was still dead.

Having seen the pic theres nothing of interest
Ooh, thanks for posting this!

Hm. Not too much of interest, but I think I might go with Sasameki Koto, despite almost every yuri anime I've seen being kindofsortof er uh hm...pathetic? (Candy Boy is pretty good tho~) Worth a try.

Also, Jungle Emperor Leo is weirdly intriguing. Maybe because it's a Tezuka thing, maybe because I have a conspiracy that Kimba the White Lion is secretly working for the government. Probably both, who knows.

I'm also planning on watching Stitch! 2 to see if it really can kill off a person's remaining sanity.