Remote Issue? Nunchuk? Game disc? System? Any or All? Help Please.


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May 3, 2009
Hi all.

This is my first post here, and before I posted it, I read the threads on hardware issues, and didn't find this.

We've had a Wii for about 2 months, and for the longest time, things worked fine. I bought Smackdown vs Raw 2009 for my son, and both of us have a great time playing it. We have two remotes, both official Wii, one official Wii nunchuk, and a second borrowed nunchuk made by a third party.

Here's the issue. The remotes/nunchuks don't work any more.

It started slow, with the nunchuk controls occasionally freezing. It was an annoyance, but we would just pause the game, switch a nunchuk for the other, and it would be fine. If it stuck too much, we'd restart the system and it would work fine.

However, the problem got consistently worse. The nunchuk would start freezing after minutes of gameplay, not an hour or two. Switching them would only work a few minutes.

Yesterday, it was so bad, we couldn't get through a single match. I tried resynching both remotes, and it did nothing. I have heard that if you hit the remotes with your hand, it could fix it - but that didn't help either. In fact, it is now worse. One remote lost all power, until I took the batteries out, and reinserted them (same batteries), then it started up normally. Now the remote buttons don't work properly either. The game is either not responding the appropriate way per button pushed, or not responding at all. I got the nunchuk to work briefly, but after one use of the toggle switch, it sticks and characters will now walk one way by themselves and it won't respond to further use.

New batteries do nothing. The sensor bar is fine. Lighting has not changed from the first day we used the system.

My son is heartbroken. He LOVES this game, and I admit it was a ton of fun too. However, it is now unplayable. The problem was one that started out small and got progressively worse.

The weird thing is that the remote works just fine with Guitar Hero. It seems isolated to only this game, although I haven't had a chance to try the nunchuks on other games.

I don't understand why, if it is a hardware issue, that it has suddenly affected both nunchuks and both remotes, and in any combination of the four, even after resynching them, and why it wouldn't affect gameplay in another game. Is there something that could be wrong with the main Wii unit? Or can it be the game itself?

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm so frustrated, I want to throw the entire thing in the garbage.

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