you hover your cursor over that green square underneath youname and avatar but it always on the distinguished road
No, you go here in your User CP. There it lists what threads you're subscribed to. Below that is a list of reputation you've gotten. If you haven't gotten reputation from anyone, there won't be a list.
I got good rep on a post ageis ago
Seriously, most people just don't get or give reputation points. I've been here for quite some time and I've only recieved three reputation points: 1 positive and two neutral. Don't take it personally. It's sort of like the Thread Rating system that nobody uses.
Reputation points are given by members to other member's posts that they find helpful.

I believe green means positive and grey mean negative, although I got
from someone that was giving a compliment, so I'm not quite sure.

You can give people reputation points by going to whatever post they have and clicking the
Your reputation points and comments are viewable in your User CP, below the list of New Subscribed Threads.

Here's a picture of my User CP for reference:

(click to enlarge)
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