Resident Evil 4 - Real life merchant


Apr 30, 2006
haha, thought i'd share this cos i found it pretty funny.

"Greetings stranger! What are you buying?" :lol:

Do you think they will have a merchant in the next game? That would be funny.
Haha, that was very funny, it looked like jackass... but anyway, who called the police? Where they terrified?
It was pretty funny. I used to laugh at that guy when i played it and this just proves that hes just so rediculously funny, and fun to quote!
Even though the merchant was comical and helpful, a lot of RE fans didn't really like his inclusion in the game RE4 because the weapons made the game easy to get through. It did not make it survival horror.:wtf: :lol:
Well, at least he wasn't going "Big Issue, Big Issue" like they do at Princes Street in Edinburgh. :D
hahahaha this is one of the funniest fukn videos ive ever seen. definitely gonna email it to some friends.